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Visage — Visa-Age Lyrics

Visage — Visa-Age Lyrics

Leave the trash, of your life behind
It’s time to move, shake those ties that bind
Letting go, all that’s old and blue
You’ve gotta know, just where you’re going to
So take a chance and take a case in hand
We find romance, it’s a far off land
Close your eyes, you’re drifting far away
And realise, you could be there today

(A different town)
(Another place)

I know you from somewhere
I know we’ve met

(A different town)

(Another place)
(These destinations)

So faint in the distance
A speck on the map
A stamp on my passport
No time to look back.

I loveeeee this song and album!

that first visage album is something truly special — somehow unsurpassed to this day

what happened to all their videos

Visage, both in sound and image, appears to have been far ahead of its time. The sounds of these songs from 1980 resemble Patrick Cowley’s 1982 Mind Warp album and resemble nothing that reached the mainstream until trance became popular on the Internet and the DJ’s would mess around and make sounds like this. Image-wise, it’s proto-goth/dark cabaret, but without the over-the-top lyrics or shock value- subtler and smarter.

Hi Felix, well said and spot on. This track, amongst many that Visage produced, would sound brilliant in Steve`s old club, Camden Palace in London (Now known as KOKO). The venue is brilliant and for anyone planning to see a gig at this venue they`re in for a great night, in one of the most stylish venues anywhere. Cheers Felix, have a good one.

midge ure sang this

nsjbolja pjesma ikada

nsjbolja pjesma ikada

one of my fave tracks from this album which we were proud of owning in those days. The pinnacle album for new romantics. oh and thanx midge ure for playing fade to grey in the powderham castle concert in july. I walked home from there and slept well! x

I love Visage. I’ve listened to their songs for ages. I was certain I’d heard them all! I always dismissed this to be the same as Visage. God, I was foolish! I’m so happy I found another of theirs though! Bought this album today (another one 🙂 ) and it was a wonderful suprise when this came on. I LOVE it! Complete genius this album and all their work really. An Easter miracle :,) rip Steve. No one made or makes music like you. I wish the 80s would have a big comeback again. Only more of a new romantic come back this time. I’d love that. I wasn’t alive then and I’d love to experience it! Who cares? I do new romantic anyway, but I’d love other people my age to know about it! Wonderful stuff!

I played the hell out of this album and The Anvil. the stuff they did back then. just F’ing great. The crap they call music today, nothing comes close!

Totally agree. I don’t listen to the charts anymore. We are living in an age of blandness with the likes of Oly Murs and Bruno Mars. Gone is the excitement and creativity in music. Technology may not have been as great as it is today but music was certainly much better x

+bingoace to be honest the late 70’s and 80’s still keeps me going, no need for the crap out there now. Cheers

+TheGodParticle I agree 100%, I don’t even know who the fuck bruno mars is. After ’89 music went to hell and it’s only getting worse!! Unfortunately, after Midge Ure left Visage, they kinda went downhill and after Beat Boy I quit listening but always will love Steve. RIP!

I disagree . ….Bruno Mars has some good synth work on his records

R I P Steve Strange

R.I.P. Steve, cheers for the styles, the Visage in more than one sense! The Clubs & freaky music xx

Visage=great lyrics and music. RIP Steve


R.I.P Strange Strange

R.I.P. — Steve Strange

I love Steve Strange so much!

Music is every bit as great today as it was back then . . . you just got to the age where most people stop filtering through the garbage to find the gems (when we are young we do this almost without noticing it). When we were young, «old people» in their 40s and up were saying the same things people our age now are saying about music . . . «todays music sucks, if only it were like the good ol’ days!» We associate the music of our youth with that amazing time of our life, so we romanticize it.

Partly agree. But loads of bands try the uttermost to bore people. There are little brilliants hidden away, also nowadays. But imagine to hear a song like Fade to Grey and the openingstune of The Damned don’t Cry. It woud revolutionize the boring charts all over again. Visage made it possible to make you find it easily for anybody with a radio. It was great and in the charts. That’s the difference.

Completely agree. the 1980s New Wave is still my favorite music current.

It was a good album but The Anvil had class..

I’m 18. Couldn’t believe the guys in Ultravox were in Visage.

I am 50 and still love this band. Know I’m gonna sound like an old fogey, but a lot of todays «music» all sounds the same. On SongPop I can’t distinguish them — lots of copycat stuff so it’s impossible to get the right answer.

Top tune,give it some bass !!

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Great song, great band. Great album.This is the music of my youth.

@22ndWave I agree with that too 🙂

True, but our parents (I actually discovered Visage in 1999, when I was in my teens and into discovering music I wasn’t around to have heard when it was new) weren’t bombarded by the music they didn’t understand whenever they read the newspapers, turned on the tv, logged into the internet (had it existed back then).

Today artists are shamelessly marketed, on all forms of media 24/7. It’s totally in your face. You can’t even look away anymore or pretend it’s not there.

@McLarenMercedes what I find interesting is this: our parents didn’t like our music because it was either too loud, too weird, too subversive, or just too original for them to get their heads round.

Nowadays we don’t like our kid’s music because it’s either too boring, too bland, too middle-of-the-road or just too unoriginal. A complete reversal.

Every generation has their own tastes of course but I’d love to see some more creativity in the charts.

a great family tree of Ultravox/Rich Kids/Gary Numan

And Magazine ofcourse.

@broilet The 80s was a great period. I think guys are mainly embaressed about it because a lot of them wore makeup and guyliner in the 80s. Personally I think they looked better like that than today with backwards caps and jeans hanging down below the ass.

The problem is that this is also the era in which a lot of «moderately talented» artists got a lot of play on MTV, and good videos sold not-so-good music. In the radio days, the song mattered, not how the artists themselves looked.

Fortunately a lot of kids today have been introduced to the innovative sounds of the early 80’s they never knew existed (or even most people back then knew existed). Not on the radio or MTV? Then it doesn’t exist. Sad but true.

@broilet Too true I agree

I mean it’s at LEAST an objective fact that music popping up like this at the time was actually unique and fresh, unlike anything being made today.

@habeebee Those older people were entitled to their views, but they were wrong. 🙂 They’ll probably even admit it in retrospect when comparing it today’s pop garbage.

@MrKillswitch88 Ha — of course, back in 1981 or 1982, the 40-year olds were saying pretty much the same thing about music like this .. the older people who had loved elvis or the beatles, back then, thought that tracks like this one by visage were just «screeching noise». There you go.

Trouble is the younger generation are fed a diet of crap in terms of music.
Lets face it, if youre brought up on shit, you end up liking shit!

@TheSYNTHOID I can believe you. I had all the Collections from Visage. I group who was influenced from other’s in the end 70’s

This is what real music sounds like and not screeching noise and obscenities.

I hear you on that.
People born in the late 70s are pretty isolated with todays generation Y who don’t have a clue about music in general.

this album is great and I am 41.:) the 80’s rule in terms of new wave music

@TriumVirateABAP your right alot of people come down on this type of music becasue its not rap or rock and they say people who listen to synth pop are weird are gay thats so dumb this is the music of the future

@FaceInTheRain i hate that kids my age cant understand synthpop or new wave or whatever they rather listen to lady gaga or lil wayne im 20 now and really want to make my own synth band to show that its still alive and that it has and always will be the music of the future

Another Masterpiece!Great Album.. when i come back to school at home, in the first shadows of evening,i was alone in my house and when put this Album on my record player i was very scared from this wonderful Music, especially when finish Visa-Age and comes. The Steps..Beautiful memories.

yay yay visage GO!
To bad they didn’t keep the production quality up in their later albums.
This is the best album. just amazing+visionary — pretty much all the way through.

Visage are largely overlooked except maybe for ‘Fade To Grey’,but people forget that besides Steve Strange and his make-ups there were Midge Ure,Barry Adamson,John McGeogh from Magazine,and this makes it a great proyect.This song is proof.

Stereoluv people also forget the producer was genius Martin Rushent who went on to produce human leagues dare

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As an entrepreneur who is Black and a man, how have those intersections affected how you do business or how you approach your market? I think that it has definitely been more positive than negative, there are some obstacles. First and foremost, what I would say is that I’ve embraced the concept that your disadvantages are your advantages. I’ve enhanced or tapped into who I am and embraced my self-awareness. As an entrepreneur, when you’re early on, you are the company and the company is you; you have to go out and find talent and what attracts customers, partners and employees was me. What I found was being me was the best thing I could be because it gives people something different, something refreshing. So I’ve just embraced who I am. I come from a corporate background and in corporate, you dress a certain way and in startups, you kind of have to dress a certain way and I didn’t want to do either one. I found myself comfortable in between and so, even in the way I dress, I have on jeans but I also have on a blazer and a pocket square. I found my own uniqueness, I have a high top fade and not many CEOs and Fortune 500s that have a high top fade and a side part but I’ve embraced that and actually started getting recognition for that. I just found it important to embrace your own being, your own style and part of that is me being a Black man. I come from a sports background and have a lot of the stereotypical things people may have heard about Black males but I’ve embraced those things as differences and along the way, worked my butt off and mastered my craft and made sure that I know what I needed to know. There are also other things that are noticeable like sometimes I’m the only guy in the room. I have a handful of investors that don’t all look like me and that’s okay. There’s always learning moments and cultural opportunities to educate others and learn yourself, so I’ve embraced those. For me, it’s something I don’t ignore, it is what it is, we all know what’s going on but I just move forward with a very fresh perspective. I know at the end of the day, I’m building a hell of a business. You can put whatever skin color or gender you want, I’m building something really special and I think, bottom line is if you know that and you’re committed to that, I can’t be denied. What advice would you give anyone about becoming an entrepreneur? First, you have to fall in love with an idea. The reason that’s important is a lot of people talk about execution and how it’s important to execute but what gives you the strength to execute, to go through the tough times and conversations? You can’t be idea to idea every three or six months, you must have a passion and a purpose that you’re committed to if you want to be an entrepreneur. Once you find that thing, it won’t leave you alone, it keeps pecking at you and wakes you up at night, you’re thinking about it while you’re at work, you’re talking to your family and friends about it and you have to share it with the world. Once you find that idea, then you’re probably ready to see what it takes to be an entrepreneur. Everybody has different paths to do that, at some point and time you have to figure out when to jump all in. You can’t keep sticking your toe in, you have to go all in. People say well what about my bills? I have a wife, three kids and a significant mortgage. I was in the midst of having a baby and building a home when we started Kairos. I was in the midst of having another baby when I founded Visage. People talk about how, how will I… the how is irrelevant once you’ve fallen in love with an idea because you know why you’re doing it. So the key is to fall in love with an idea and at some point find that point where you’re willing to go all in, go into debt, and sacrifice relationships friendships and sleep. I think that’s what true, high-growth, impactful entrepreneurship is all about.

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Visage Review (PS4) – A Relentlessly Spine-Chilling Set Of Different Horror Stories

Visage PS4 Review – In 2014, legendary game designer Hideo Kojima created the cult horror classic P.T. or Protective Trousers, the recommended garment to be worn during play due to the sheer terror invoked by the game, with the promise that Guillermo del Toro would be working on the full game. The precursor to Silent Hills, an update to the renowned horror series which first started on the PS1, unfortunately never saw the light of day. The game was cancelled and the demo remains an enigmatic chapter of PlayStation history, never to be completed.

Fortunately, SadSquare Studio have taken up the baton from where P.T. left off and have produced Visage, a game which has soaked up the influence of P.T. in its spongey genes, but is it a horror classic in its own right or is it just a rank pair of soaked spongey jeans?

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Visage PS4 Review

A House Of Suffering

Visage starts with a multiple murder scene, as disturbing as any you would see in a modern horror film. The scene is just one of the nightmarish events which have occurred inside the house in which you reside. Your character, Dwayne Anderson, must explore individual chapters based around each tragic event for the individuals who have suffered a horrific fate within the building.

Gameplay begins, like P.T. before it, in a featureless room with your character struggling up from a pool of blood before entering the hallway of the house which plays host to the majority of the playtime. The subdued colour palette and low lighting aren’t immediately foreboding, but as you start to explore, it soon becomes apparent that the darkness which pervades many of the rooms start to have an effect on your character’s sanity.

Collectable tablets enable you to fight the ongoing brain fog, and a smattering of Zippo lighters allow you to explore the dinge, occasionally letting you light one of the few candles which can be placed in the majority of the rooms. Light bulbs can also be collected to fix broken lamps so you’ll be genuinely pleased to come across these essential aids to quell the impending fear caused by the dark.

Whistling In The Dark

Juggling your inventory and accessing lighters, keys, or tablets quickly is unfortunately an extremely fiddly and unintuitive affair and is the main Achilles heel of the game design. The limited inventory space is all well and good, but having to use multiple button presses to drop or access an important item whilst being pursued by a vengeful apparition is quite frustrating. Fortunately, exploration takes precedence over action and offensive measures aren’t an option so running like hell is always the best policy.

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With little in the way of obvious explanation for your character’s predicament and no guidance as to what or where you are supposed to go, it’s left up to you to slowly unearth clues and items which uncover the secrets held within the house. Movement around the house is slow and methodical but holding L2 gives a slight increase in speed which you’ll need at numerous times when the terror needle hits red.

Four chapters or stories are available to play, and each is triggered by a particular object which can be collected as you wander the corridors and rooms. Once you choose to begin a story, then additional parts of the house open up which are relevant to the horrors centring around that character. Most of your time will be spent re-treading the common parts of the house, but with an altered focus.

Chapter one, ‘Lucy’, sets a high bar of terror and features apparitions reminiscent of the most terrifying Japanese horror films like Ring, The Grudge and Dark Water. The tension ramps up as you progress through the story, with your imminent demise often signalled by the soundtrack which grinds and squeals incessantly as danger approaches. The atmosphere created is exceptional and I have rarely been as unsettled and terrified playing any videogame. Visage is right up there with Condemned and Resident Evil 7 for perfectly engineered scares.

Subsequent chapters (Dolores, Rakan and Rose) alll manage to maintain this level of storytelling and each has a different atmosphere of dread, although after enduring the effective jump scares and relentless fear induced by ‘Lucy’, the repeated use of the same areas has the effect of desensitising the player somewhat. Despite there being scenes unique to each story, such as the forest section in ‘Lucy’, a bit more variety in the house’s set dressing between individual tales would have helped.

Having said that, there’s enough of a difference between the individual narratives and with four whole stories to play through and numerous collectables, you’re effectively getting four games for the price of one.

Who Would Live In A House Like This?

The house itself is quite large and spread over four floors, and if it were well lit, would be a perfectly normal home adorned with sofas, TVs, a large kitchen, homely bedrooms, and generally not inherently spooky at all. It is to SadSquare’s credit that they have managed to create so many layers of fear (pun intended) through the exceptional sound design. The majority of unease and terror is instigated by the noises you can hear behind you or around the house – footsteps, strange garbled speech, breathing, and other generic horror tropes. But the execution is so perfectly balanced with the slow increase in visual peculiarities that it feels invigoratingly scary.

Graphically the level design is functional with nothing technically impressive on show; but it really doesn’t matter as Visage is all about atmosphere and it has this in spades. There a few graphical glitches which occur while holding items and interacting with the scenery, but bearing in mind the indie/crowd-funded budget and the minimal effect these have on the gameplay, it’s not really a problem.

Aside from the aforementioned inventory system, the only other gameplay issue which caused frustrations was the control method used to open doors and the numerous drawers to open around the house. Perhaps with a mouse and keyboard it would work fine, but the hard to see crosshair combined with R2 and a push on the directional stick never really seemed to work well. I often had to spend quite a while trying to open a drawer at a difficult angle due to the perspective which tended to shatter the suspension of disbelief.

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Beware Of The Darkness

The dark plays a key role in keeping you on the edge of your seat, and often you are forced into a black space as you flee a pursuing wraith to make it towards a light source visible in the distance. Light switches are often turned off by unseen hands and you’ll find yourself rapidly fumbling for your Zippo as you bash into walls or try and open a door you can’t see. Getting to a safe, well-lit room is a total relief and I found myself genuinely reluctant to venture into the dark again when my lighter had run out and I had no backup.

While fumbling around in the dark isn’t my idea of fun, it’s a testament to the skill of the designers that Visage managed to spur me on despite my real fear: to spend many hours within the house. There’s not a shattering amount of originality here, but it’s a relentlessly spine-chilling experience which melds the wide variety of genre influences into a coherent and joyfully dark anthology of tales for horror fans.


Даже те, кто не следит за трендами или вовсе отрицают их существование, чувствуют на себе их влияние. Например, года 4 назад, найти джинсы клеш в магазинах было той еще задачкой. А магазины косметики стали местом поклонения матовым помадам. Считаю, что не обязательно менять гардероб и имидж из-за смены настроений на подиумах. Если ваш стиль вам удобен и комфортен – это прекрасно. Если нет, всегда есть классика, которая никогда не выйдет из моды. Тем не менее в трендах всегда можно найти что-то интересное именно для себя. Что-то перенять полностью, а что-то немного упростить или изменить. Итак, какой же он – модный макияж 2018?

Модный макияж 2018.

Кажется, что стробинг в сезоне весна-лето 2018 достиг своего максимума! Модный макияж 2018 позволяет наносить хайлайтер и сияющие текстуры не только на выступающие части лица, но и на другие зоны, например, под глазами. Визажисты бренда Off-White поступили так: густо нанесли консилер, скрывая синяки и недосып, а затем нанесли хайлайтер, чем добились эффекта гладкой, чуть влажной кожи. Хайлайтер под глазами так же был заметен на показах Prada и Victoria Beckham.

Модный макияж 2018

Классический нюдовый макияж тоже претерпел небольшие изменения, практически не заметные на первый взгляд. Натуральность и эффект «чистого лица» никуда не делись, но теперь пришло время серьезно заняться состоянием кожи. Невесомые текстуры праймеров или кремовых румян должны именно подчеркивать натуральную красоту, а не безуспешно пытаться скрыть что-то. Сияющая, здоровая и увлажненная кожа – девиз весны 2018.


Стрелки сами по себе – модный макияж 2018. Только посмотрите, какое разнообразие видов и форм было на подиумах! Это драматические массивные стрелки, занимающие практически все пространство века. Стрелки на нижнем веке. Неряшливые широкие мазки плоской кистью. Мягкий карандаш на висках и отпечатки коктейльной трубочки у Lanvin.

Вы давно отказались от стрелок? Потому что это «долго и муторно», а дурацкий «хвостик» никак не выводится в ровную линию? Сезон весна-лето 2018 — ваш шанс вернуться к стрелкам. Причем к таким, которые у вас получаются. Можно не стесняясь делать «хвостики» которые будут выглядеть так, будто растеклась подводка. Или взять пример с визажистов Tom Ford и скруглить конец стрелки.

Модный макияж 2018

Не забывайте только, что если вы решили выбрать самые массивные и яркие варианты стрелок, то остальной макияж перегружать не стоит.


В осенне-зимнем сезоне кукольные ресницы уже были замечены, весной 2018 можно смело сказать «даа!» паучьим лапкам!

Модный макияж 2018

На подиумах ресницы иногда являлись единственным акцентом на лицах моделей. Например, для Christian Dior визажист Питер Филипс сделал именно так. Он обильно прокрасил ресницы черной тушью в несколько слоев и склеил их в небольшие пучки, пока не застыла тушь.

Модный макияж 2018

Такие ресницы будут уместно смотреться не только на подиуме, но и в дневном макияже. Важно лишь не перегружать образ акцентами. Черную тушь можно заменить коричневой или цветной.

Металлик, глиттер, стразы.

Весной можно будет сделать макияж всего за 1 минуту.

Модный макияж 2018

Вариант номер 1 – несколько крупных серебристых страз, приклеенных на скулы, губы или на пробор. Дополнить нюдовым макияжем. Готово.

Вариант номер 2 – россыпь крупного глиттера, любых цветов, на веках, скулах, висках (дрейпинг), и даже на бровях, руках или ключицах. Наносить быстро и небрежно.

Никуда не делись и металлизированные тени. Поэтому вариант номер 3 – широкие небрежные мазки по векам.

Модный макияж 2018

Вдохновляемся и сверкаем!

Цвета электрик.

Яркие, почти кислотные цвета – один из самых главных трендов уже несколько сезонов подряд. Желтые, голубые, синие, зеленыеМазки без растушевки или широкие стрелки, пятна у висков или уведенный к линии бровей слой теней.

Модный макияж 2018

Можно забыть теорию цвета и выбирать цвета, которые вам никогда не шли. Ведь главное в таком макияже – цвет. Яркий, чистый, неоновый. Не любите яркие глаза? Можно запросто накрасить губы яркой оранжевой помадой. Опять же, обязательно небрежно.
Похоже, что это небрежность главный тренд.

Тонкие линии, рисунки на лице и negative space.

Весной самое время проявить свои таланты в арт-макияже и тренды вас поддержат в этом.

Например, negative space, который появился как тренд в нейл-арте, теперь, кажется, плотно занял позиции и в макияже. Пэт Макграт продемонстрировала его на губах моделей на показе Maison Margiela, а L’Oréal очертили «пустые» стрелки тонким лайнером.

Модный макияж 2018

Кстати, черный лайнер в новом сезоне вам точно пригодится. Особенно, если захотите повторить идею L’Oréal, Rochas или просто нарисуете тонкие полосы, зигзаги или двойные стрелки…

Модный макияж 2018

Кстати, рисовать тоже не возбраняется. Модный макияж можно создать, сделав изящные серебряные полосы на скулах или яркие мазки под глазами, будто вы случайно испачкались в краске.

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